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Mediation with a lawyer in Lyons

mediation lawyers Lyons

What is the purpose of mediation?

When communication is very difficult between the parties and when it seems impossible to reach an agreement, family mediation can help to renew the dialogue and reach a satisfactory solution for both parties.
The mediator is impartial and subject to professional secrecy.
At the end of the family mediation interviews, if the parties have reached an agreement, they may have it approved by a judge.
Caution: The document containing the agreement is communicated to the parties, who may decide to communicate it to the Family Affairs Judge. This document often also includes the recognition of certain facts that may be used later against you before the Family Justice Judge!
It is therefore necessary to be prepared for a family mediation interview and the presence of a lawyer at your side during the interview helps protect your interests while promoting the emergence of a solution.

Mediation, as a way of resolving conflictual situations, is an old practice that appeared in the US in the years 1965/70. It was introduced in Europe around 1990. It covers, in France, fields of various applications: work, neighborhood, schools, consumption, justice, families ... Its purpose is to restore dialogue in a conflict, but also to reduce judicial litigation, accelerate the course of justice and find standards of social regulation in an increasingly difficult and complex social context.

Experimentation of a compulsory mediation prior to family litigation
March 14, 2019
On an experimental basis and until December 31, 2019, mediation is mandatory before any request for modification of the decisions and agreements approved setting out the methods of the exercise of parental authority in the High Instance Courts of Bayonne, Bordeaux, Cherbourg-en -Cotentin, Evry, Nantes, Nimes, Montpellier, Pontoise, Rennes, Saint-Denis and Tours.
However, this obligation does not apply if violence has been committed against a parent or the child.

You want to avoid a conflict and start a process of mediation: contact Cabinet Strulovici who will advise you and will preserve your interests.

What is the cost of the family mediation procedure?

Family mediation is a procedure paid by each of the parties involved, and it is in principle the mediator who sets the amount of his/her remuneration. The first information meeting is however always free.
If you resort to a family mediation association linked to CNAF (French National Family Allowance Fund), the amount of benefits is fixed by a scale proportional to your income.
State support for legal aid is possible depending on your income.