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Fees for our lawyers practice in Lyons 3

The lawyer's fees are free and fixed by agreement with the client.
The fees are flat-rate in the event of legal proceedings or on the basis of time spent, if no legal proceedings are initiated.
In certain cases and with the agreement of the client, a fee according to the result may be fixed in addition to a fixed fee.

First consultation

The cost of the first consultation € 150 w/o VAT, i.e. € 180 w VAT (VAT 30 €).

Fee per hour

Fee per hour at our lawyers practice, excluding first consultation, is € 180 w/o VAT, i.e. € 216 w VAT (VAT € 36).


The procedures are all subject to flat-rate prices. The package includes the entire procedure until the final judgment.

Fee Agreement

A fee agreement is systematically signed in the event of a procedure.
This is a legal obligation.
You thus know from the beginning of the procedure its final cost.

Legal protection insurance

You may unwittingly benefit from a legal protection insurance that can cover all or part of the legal fees. Please check with your insurance company.

Rates applied from 01/09/2018