How to pay for your consultation ?

You can pay for your consultation online using our Stripe payment software:

First consultation

The cost of the first consultation is €150 excluding VAT  (€180 including VAT).

Hourly cost

The hourly cost of the practice, excluding the first consultation, is €250 excluding VAT, i.e. €300 including VAT (€50).


Fee Agreement

A fee agreement is systematically signed in the event of a procedure. This is a legal obligation.
The fees are calculated on the basis of the time spent, on the basis of the fee agreement signed by the lawyer and his client. A result fee may be considered in certain types of proceedings. It will only be paid if the result is achieved. Other specific procedures may give rise to a fixed fee.


Legal protection insurance

You may be unaware that you have legal expenses insurance, which may cover all or part of your lawyer's fees. Ask your insurance company for information.

Rates applicable from 01/01/2022.