Non-representation of children Lyon

What is the offence of Non-Representation of a child and child abduction?

Article 227-5 of the Penal Code punishes "the fact of unduly refusing to represent a minor child to the person who has the right to claim it". The offender is liable to one year's imprisonment and a €15,000 fine.

The imprisonment is increased to three years and the fine to €45,000 when the child is detained for more than five days without those entitled to claim him/her knowing where he/she is, or when the child is unduly detained outside the national territory.

Article 227-7 of the Penal Code makes it an offence for an ascendant to remove a minor child from the hands of those exercising parental authority or to whom the child has been entrusted or with whom the child has a secondary residence.

The penalties incurred are the same as those laid down for failure to represent a child.

Are you a victim of child nonrepresentation or are you accused of child nonrepresentation? Take advice before any hearings with the police.
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Cabinet Strulovici Avocats - La non-représentation d'enfants