Domestic violence Lyon

What is domestic violence?

It is very difficult for a victim to describe the violence suffered and the physical and psychological consequences that result from it.

Maître STRULOVICI, a lawyer in Lyon, is particularly sensitive to the needs of victims and will take the time to listen to you and advise you on the various procedures that can be envisaged.

Every two and a half days in France, a woman loses her life to a spouse, partner or former partner.

The World Health Organisation defines violence as follows: "Violence is defined as the intentional use or threat of use of physical force or power against oneself, another person, a group or a community, resulting in, or having a high risk of resulting in, adverse physical, mental or social consequences for the victim.

In concrete terms, domestic violence includes sexual assault, rape, physical and moral violence, sexual mutilation, forced marriages, violence linked to religious fundamentalism, pimping and prostitution...

Who is concerned by domestic violence?

Domestic violence also concerns men. Violence committed by women against men is of course much rarer, but it does exist and must be taken into account. If you are a victim of violence, and you wish to obtain compensation and/or a divorce, do not hesitate to contact the firm.

What to do in case of domestic violence and abuse by a spouse?

Legal advice for victims of domestic violence
  • File a complaint (not a report) at a police station or gendarmerie each time there is violence,
  • Have a doctor draw up a medical certificate, preferably in an emergency room,
  • Keep proof and evidence of the violence you have suffered (witness statements, photos, etc.)
  • Gather your administrative documents: family record book, identity card, residence permit if you are a foreigner, passport, card (or number) from your Caisse d'Allocations Familiales, from your mutual insurance company, work certificates, pay slips, last tax return, important bills, property titles and all contracts (lease, current loans).
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