Parental Alienation Syndrome must be treated by an expert lawyer

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Cabinet Strulovici Avocats - Aliénation parentale & Conjoint manipulateur

What is Parental Alienation Syndrome and how can you get help?

Maître STRULOVICI, a lawyer in Lyon, is particularly aware of the issue of Parental Alienation Syndrome, which she regularly puts forward before Family Court Judges to avoid the rupture of the link between the child and the alienated parent.

This syndrome was defined and described in 1986 by Richard Gardner, a North American child psychiatrist. His definition is as follows: "the alienating parent denigrates the alienated parent to the point of denying his or her very existence as a parent".
The criteria include
  • Blocking contact between the alienated parent and the child,
  • Unsubstantiated allegations of violence against the alienated parent,
  • Deterioration in the relationship between the alienated parent and the child,
  • Intense fear reaction in the child,
  • Denigration of the alienated parent by the child,
  • The child is self-confident and does not show ambivalence, i.e. love for the alienating parent and hate for the alienated parent,
  • The child supports and feels the need to protect the alienating parent,
  • The child does not express guilt towards the alienated parent,
  • The child's animosity includes the alienated parent's friends and/or extended family.

What is parental exclusion?

Parental exclusion is the exclusion of one or more parents (father, mother, paternal family, maternal family) from a child's life.

What is a narcissistic pervert?

Narcissistic perversion is a form of perversion first described by Paul-Claude Racamier.

It is not a psychiatric criterion, even though the name may suggest a narcissistic personality disorder. Numerous books deal with the issue and help to understand the mechanisms of narcissistic perversion.

The principles of the Civil Code

Article 371-1 of the Civil Code:
"Parental authority is a set of rights and duties whose purpose is the interest of the child. It belongs to the parents until the majority or emancipation of the child to protect his safety, health and morality, to ensure his/her education and to allow his/her development, with due respect to his/her person. The parents shall involve the child in decisions concerning him or her, according to his or her age and degree of maturity.

Article 371-4 of the Civil Code:
"The child has the right to maintain personal relations with his or her ascendants. Only the interests of the child may prevent the exercise of this right.
If it is in the child's interest, the family court shall determine the terms and conditions of the relationship between the child and a third party, whether a parent or not, in particular when this third party has resided in a stable manner with the child and one of his or her parents, has provided for the child's upbringing, maintenance or settlement, and has established lasting emotional ties with the child."

Article 371-5 of the Civil Code:
"The child must not be separated from his brothers and sisters, unless this is not possible or if his interests require another solution. If necessary, the judge shall rule on the personal relations between the brothers and sisters.
Article 372 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code:
"The father and mother exercise parental authority jointly."

What are the first rules to follow if you are faced with one of these situations?

Get legal help
Consult a lawyer with experience in the field: Procedures are often lengthy. The choice of your lawyer is important because you will have to meet and talk to each other for several months. A relationship of trust must be established between the lawyer and his/her client.

Getting psychological help
If you feel that the conflict is beginning to have an impact on your daily life, on your work or on your ability to establish social relationships, do not hesitate to seek help from a therapist.

Systematically keep evidence of the events you are going through:
E-mails, SMS, R/AR letters, medical certificates, photos, complaints...

Maître STRULOVICI is very aware of these very conflictual procedures.

Useful link on parental alienation

For information, you can consult the site of ACALPA, the association against parental alienation.
You can also consult the site of the AVMPM, an association that helps victims of narcissistic pervert manipulators.